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9/11 Service of Prayer & Hope

Service of Prayer and Hope at 5PM on this Saturday, 9/11 at St. Mark's Church, Islip.
The church will be open at 4:30 for those who would like to pray quietly and in private, and we will also have a gathering (at 4:30) on the lawn as a safe place to share memories and join with others.
This is open to the public; all are welcome.
NOTE: The service will also be live streaming, starting at 5PM.
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In Memory of Kathy Cooney Rich LaBella 2021-03-15 04:00:00Z 0
South Shore Takeout Project 2021-03-05 05:00:00Z 0
St. Mark's / Islip Rotary Food Drive Rich LaBella 2020-12-05 05:00:00Z 0

Gift of Life 6 year old girl Smaha 

Posted by Bob aka Fireball Nathan on Apr 29, 2019

Gift of Life child Smaha arrived this past Friday evening from Haiti, with her father Benson.  Islip rotarian Jean Alfred arranged an apartment in Baldwin, for her to stay, and Rotarian Astrid Fidelia fixed up accommodations at that apartment for our guests from Haiti to be comfortable.

Bob Nathan seeks transportation assistance from anyone who can help drive them.  Must obtain a child car seat.  646 321 7134
Gift of Life 6 year old girl Smaha Bob aka Fireball Nathan 2019-04-29 04:00:00Z 0

Country Village Florist hosts a fundraiser

Posted on Mar 30, 2019
Rotarian Jeanine Amato runs an Islip Rotary event to benefit children, at her business location in East Islip.
Country Village Florist hosted a fabulous event this weekend, that obtained toys and much more for children in need.  Kudos to Jeanine, and to Rotary and all those who supported this event.  "Service Above Self".
Country Village Florist hosts a fundraiser 2019-03-30 04:00:00Z 0
Gift of Life has now saved over 33,000 + children Bob aka Fireball Nathan 2019-03-29 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary Club of Islip Grows

Posted by Bob aka Fireball Nathan on Mar 29, 2019
The Rotary Club of Islip continues to grow.  Right now we have new member (two weeks) Sherri Cruz, and she is our new Sergeant at Arms.  Sherri will name every member, and then this job goes on to the next new Rotarian.  Sherri is a respected real estate agent, who was proposed for membership by Denise Torino of Seal the Deal Real Estate.  
Maria DeJesus is scheduled for induction on or about 11.  Maria is branch manager for the local Sterling National Bank of East Islip.  
Proposed member, Tom Tona has made his first meeting with our club on March 28, 2019, and we look forward to his being a member in just three more weeks.
Rotary Club of Islip is growing more and more.  Put your ask on and invite someone to our weekly meetings.
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Rotarians sell over $1000. in raffle tickets on one early Sunday

Posted by James Bruno on Aug 13, 2016
Islip Rotarians sell over $1000. of raffle tickets to locals on Sunday 8/14 in front of two local East Islip breakfast hot spots; Stanley's Bakery and Stuff-a-Bagel.  All proceeds go to various local charities and scholarships.  Drawings will take place during a general Rotary meeting at the Irish Coffee Pub on Thursday, 8/25 at 12:15pm.  There will be 3 Winners!!
Rotarians sell over $1000. in raffle tickets on one early Sunday James Bruno 2016-08-14 00:00:00Z 0

Chumline 8/11/16

The Chumline!!
August 11, 2016
Irish Coffee Pub, East Islip

Our general meeting was called to order at 12:15 by President James Bruno.  Ryan Gillies lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Father Rick inspired us with a prayer. 

James Bruno
John Chinnici
Dennis Ciano
Kathy Cooney
Ryan Gillies
Clay Hart
Rich LaBella
Steve LaRosa
Liz Mayott
Martha McDermott
Kevin McVey
Jane Keith Miller
Karen Moss
Phyllis Ozarin
Brian Reynolds
Theresa Rosario
Gary Rosenfeld
Father Rick Simpson

Guests:  Charles Evdos of Cerebral Palsy of Nassau Visiting Rotarian of Lynbrook club and East Islip Resident (our guest speaker) and Diana Houghton from Central Islip School District.  
Jim Sutton was happy for a 3 day weekend! 
Jane was happy she finally took a day off! 
Everyone was happy that Warren is doing well and Russ has been improving!  
Ryan was happy to have Charlie as a guest! 
John Chinnici was happy his son won an Army Award! 

Announcements - Matters of Importance
Please keep Russ and Lynda Moran in your Prayers!
Warren Goercke is back to Rotary (at Patchogue), but is feeling great and we are happy to hear that!
Please check our calendar of events below for important dates.  Next week’s meeting is a morning meeting, not a lunch meeting. 
It's going to be a busy and exciting year....be sure to keep an eye on the "Upcoming Events" section for all that's going on!!
Topic:  Cerebal Palsy Association of Nassau
Summary:  Charlie gave us a brief, but informative summary of CP of Nassau does!  They help numerous people with disabilities and not just people with cerebral palsy. 
They have a school, an early intervention program that helps kids get back to their local school district faster.  40% of their cases are cerebral palsy, some are brain trauma, muscular dystrophy, stroke victims and many more.  Charlie is hosting a Taste of Towns Event at Chateau Briand on September 14th at 6pm.  Please email Charlie if you’d like to attend his guest.  I have attached Charlie’s hand out and his contact information is below.  Great Job Charlie!
Contact Information:  Phone: 516-378-2000 ext. 648  Email: CEvdos@cpnassau.org

Program Director, Fran Siems will always welcome suggestions for guest speakers.... please contact her @ fsiems2727@aol.com
Wine Raffles - BOTTLE O' RED – Kevin 5K McVey / BOTTLE O' WHITE – Our guest Charlie Evdos!

Golf Ball Raffle....James Bruno held the winning ticket, BUT NO YELLOW BALL! 

AMOUNT COLLECTED FOR GOLF BALL RAFFLE: $_____ (Ryan forgot to ask Dennis because he’s rusty and Tom Jones can let us know what is in the pot)!
HAPPY DOLLARS COLLECTED: $____ See above, Ryan is rusty
8/14/16 Please sign up to  help sell raffle tickets for our I-Watch and Amazon Echo Raffles from 8am-12pm at both Stanley’s and Stuff a Bagel  (Raffle Drawing is 8/25/16)
8/18/16-Breakfast Meeting at 7:45am Sunset at the Beach at Islip Beach.  No Regular meeting that day.  Let Sue Zaccheo or James know if you are coming.


Yours in Rotary,
Ryan D. Gillies
Personal & Commercial Lines Sales Executive/Life & Health Agent
143-149 E. Main Street  -  East Islip, NY 11730
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Chumline 2-18-16

                                      God  Bless  America  and  Rotarians!
Chumline 2-18-16 Merri Ciano 2016-02-24 00:00:00Z 0

Chumline 12-17-15

LAST  MEETING  FOR  2015 and we did a great job! Rotarians make the world a better place!  Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Chumline 12-17-15 Merri Ciano 2015-12-23 00:00:00Z 0

Islip Rotary Rummage Sale! 10/10/15

The Rotary Club of Islip held an Autumn Rummage sale on the grounds of St. Mark's. Over the course of the sale, which ran from 9 till about 2:30, we had around twenty Rotarians help out setting up tables and all the sale items, pricing things, collecting money, helping customers, and then breaking down. It was a great event which earned the club just over $600! Though obviously it doesn't sound like a great deal of money, keep in mind that most items were priced under $5 or so, and at the end of the day, its $600 that the club did not have. Plus, many of us were able to get rid of stuff we've been wanting to get rid of for ages! The fellowship was fantastic, the weather was perfect, and we all had a great time. Thank you Liz for co-chairing this event, Father Rick for lending us the church grounds, and everyone else who particpated, whether it was for five minutes or for five hours!
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CHUMLINE October 1, 2015 Merri Ciano 2015-10-06 00:00:00Z 0

District Governor visits us for multi-club meeting

District Governor visits us for multi-club meeting!
On Thursday September 10th, Islip Rotary joined with the Babylon, Sayville, Bay Shore, and Brentwood Rotary clubs to welcome District Governor Kamlesh Mehta at a special meeting held at the Irish Coffee Pub. With over 80 Rotarians in attendance, the DG spoke about the importance of being involved, the Foundation, and the upcoming district conference. It was a fantastic and informative meeting, and we thank the Pub for providing a great buffet lunch and the joint involvement of these other Rotary clubs!
District Governor visits us for multi-club meeting Eric Buehler 2015-09-15 00:00:00Z 0

Breakfast at the Beach!

Posted by Eric Buehler on Aug 26, 2015
As a change of pace, the Islip Rotary Club had a breakfast meeting down at Islip Beach! Overlooking the beautiful Great South Bay at an early hour, over 30 Rotarians and their guests enjoyed a delicious breakfast served by Sal and the staff of Bayside Cafe. Thank you Sue Zaccheo for organizing such a fantastic event! 
Breakfast at the Beach! Eric Buehler 2015-08-27 00:00:00Z 0

Keeping up with the Joneses!

Posted by Eric Buehler on Aug 25, 2015

On Thursday August 20th, the Islip Rotary Club had a wonderful evening spent at the Kismet home of Tom and Jacquie Jones! A beautiful sunset, great food and drink, and awesome fellowship made for a great evening! Thank you to Tom and his family, as well as to Sue Zaccheo for coordinating! Go Islip Rotary!

Keeping up with the Joneses! Eric Buehler 2015-08-25 22:45:56Z 0

2015-16 Islip Rotary Installation Dinner

Posted by Eric Buehler on Jul 07, 2015

On Thursday July 2, 2015, the Board of Directors for the Rotary Club of Islip was installed by PDG Russ Moran at a dinner held at Captain Bills Restaurant in Bay Shore. New president Eric Buehler, who also served as President six years ago, spoke about his plans for the year, Immediate Past President Tony D'Amico gave a resounding thank you speech for his year served, and Rotarian of the Year Karen Moss gave a heartfelt speech on her acceptance of this prestigious honor. A wonderful night was had by all.

2015-16 Islip Rotary Installation Dinner Eric Buehler 2015-07-08 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary P.A.L. Fishing Day Richard Simpson 2013-07-24 00:00:00Z 0
End of the 2012 - 2013 Rotary Year Video Cheryl Rambler-Goveia 2013-06-27 00:00:00Z 0
Chumline Jul 3 2013 Susan Harvey 2013-06-27 00:00:00Z 0
Rotarian of the Year Richard Simpson 2013-06-27 00:00:00Z 0
Chumline 6-20-2013 Richard Simpson 2013-06-20 00:00:00Z 0

Installation of new Board at Cookout at new President Cheryl Rambler Goveia's home

Posted by Cheryl Rambler-Goveia on Jul 08, 2012
Friday, June 29 was the site of the installation of the new board at a cookout prepared by Chef Lance Kindrick.  Over 50 members and guests attended the party to welcome our newest board and committee chairs.  Member Dick LaBella did a terrific job in photographing the fun and we were honored to have District Governor Connie Gevinski install the new board.  Good luck to the new board and looking forward to a fun and eventful Rotary year.
Installation of new Board at Cookout at new President Cheryl Rambler Goveia's home Cheryl Rambler-Goveia 2012-07-09 00:00:00Z 0

List on Honors at the End of Year

Posted by Richard Simpson

Read About the Good Works of Rotary accomplished During Cheryl's Year as President 

The Honors were voted upon by our own membership which make them even more special.

List on Honors at the End of Year Richard Simpson 0
August 27, 2015 Merri Ciano 0

GoHealth Urgent Care and LinkedIn

Posted by Eric Buehler
story thumbnail

On Thursday August 6, Islip Rotary was visited by Matt DePace of GoHealth Urgent Care. Associated with North Shore LIJ, GoHealth are new, state of the art walk-in healthcare clinics that help alleviate the wait and frustration of a hospital emergency room experience. Matt then spoke about the social networking site LinkedIn. It was a great meeting attended by over 25 Rotarians- not bad for the middle of August!


GoHealth Urgent Care and LinkedIn Eric Buehler 0
Local author Russ Moran speaks on writing Eric Buehler 0

Very poignant discussion at today's meeting!

Posted by Eric Buehler

Dr. Jeff Reynolds, president of the Family & Children's Association, gave a very poignant talk about a very big, and unfortunately growing problem on Long Island, and that is heroin and prescription drug addiction in young people. 

Very poignant discussion at today's meeting! Eric Buehler 0
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Chumline 4-16-14

Posted by Merri Ciano

I keep trying to add PDFs of the Chumline to our Story line on Club Runner and it hates PDFs. 

Sorry about that.

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Our own Jill introduces The Youngest Auctioneer in History, An Islip Rotary Kid Richard Simpson 0
New Domain Names for our Combined Rotary Disctric Richard Simpson 0
Dues for 2013-14 Richard Simpson 0

Baby Shower for Dianne & Erin!

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
ImageWatch out---there are two baby Rotarians on the way!  Erin Ward (and Sean) are expecting their little bundle in less than 2 weeks and Dianne Berton (and Chuck) should expect an extra special gift around Christmas! The ladies expressed their appreciation in an email to the members for their generosity and spirit, as usual.  An extra special thank you goes to President Cheryl for the idea as well as her hard work in putting it all together and to Kathy Cooney for the decorations and assistance. (More pics can be found in the photo album)
Baby Shower for Dianne & Erin! Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

District Governor's Citation !

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
ImageDue to the efforts of every single Islip Rotarian this past year our Club was presented with a District Presidential Citation by DG Irving Toliver.  Thank you all for making my job pleasantly satisfying.  I could not have asked for a better crew!
District Governor's Citation ! Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

An End and a Beginning - June 28, 2012

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
ImageJune 28th's meeting was bittersweet. Although my last meeting as President I was nonetheless overjoyed that we were able to induct a new member, Olga Valenotti.  Pictured here is Dr. John Chinnici performing the honors, new member Olga and Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens.  Welcome Olga to our family!
An End and a Beginning - June 28, 2012 Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

Gift of Life Fundraiser at Appliance World, Huntington- June 13, 2012

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
ImageWords simply cannot express the dedication of Rotarian Bob Nathan and all that he has accomplished for Rotary's Gift of Life Program.  Months of planning and hard work went into the celebration held at Appliance World where Mr. Nathan was joined by many Rotarians throughout the District, world class chefs, a celebrated auctioneer (Islip Rotarian Jill Doherty) and News 12's Doug Geed, among others.  The evening was a phenomenal success and Mr. Nathan was presented with a check of $2,500. by Islip Rotary for contribution to the Gift of Life Foundation. Kudos to Bob!
Gift of Life Fundraiser at Appliance World, Huntington- June 13, 2012 Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

Annual Golf Outing - May 29, 2012

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
ImageKudos again go to Golf Outing Director, Kevin Fitzpatrick (pictured on far right) for his spectacular efforts in single-handedly running our annual golf outing at the Island Hills Golf Club, Sayville, jointly held with Babylon and Bay Shore Rotary Clubs. The weather was perfect, the food delicious and the raffles fun.  Many thanks to Kevin and to all who participated in our 2nd largest fundraiser of the year.  More pictures can be found in the photo album.
Annual Golf Outing - May 29, 2012 Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

Literacy Project with ISACC Program - Spring 2012

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
ImagePictured are Islip Rotary President, Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens with ISACC Directory, Mr. Tracey Schaper, with  books created in a collaborative effort between Islip Rotary and ISACC, an Islip School before-and-after school program.  The program's elementary aged children wrote and illustrated two books, each entitled "What it Means to Be an American" and with the assistance of Islip Rotary had 150 copies of the books published.  Each student contributor received a copy of the book and the remaining copies were distributed to outreach programs of St. Mark's and St. Mary's churches in Islip and East Islip, respectively. Many thanks to Dianne Berton for coming up with the book topic, to Ann Flick for her assistance with the publication and most especially to Tracey Schaper for her enthusiastic support of our project and for guiding the children to the project's completion.
Literacy Project with ISACC Program - Spring 2012 Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

T.O.E.S. Program Celebration Luncheon- May 31, 2012

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens
Long-standing member Dr. John Chinnici brought to our attention a wonderful program his wife, Mary, and Central Islip High School teacher, Frank Lepore helped launch.  T.O.E.S., an acronym for "transitioning our exceptional students", pairs students with business owners to enable the minors to gain much needed experience in the business world.  Mrs. Chinnici, Mr. Lepore, the interning students and those Rotarians and other local business owners who sponsored the students were recently honored in a luncheon held at the Irish Coffee Pub.  Each participating student was presented with a certificate from Dr. Chinnici and Rotary President, Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens. Also on hand were Rotarian and Suffolk County Legislator Tom Cilmi,  Imageand Islip Town Supervisor Thomas Croci, who presented Proclamations to Mrs. Chinnici and Mr. Lepore. The business owners were also presented certificates of appreciation by Dr. Franklin Caesar and Mr. Enrico Crocetti, of Central Islip School District. Additional pictures can be found in the T.O.E.S. photo album.



T.O.E.S. Program Celebration Luncheon- May 31, 2012 Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens 0

Islip Rotarians on the Move !!!

Posted by Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens

Image Islip Rotarians Andrea Rubin-de-Cervens, Dianne Berton and Kevin Fitzpatrick were invited to volunteer at the kickoff party at the Brooklyn Port Authority on May 23, 2012, for the annual USO Fleet Week where they mingled with our finest and bravest.  They were treated to a free concert given by Katy Perry and enjoyed seeing some of the tall ships as well.

Pictured here with his wife, Lynda, author Russell Moran has written a book, "Justice in America", recently published. Lynda  Moran has been nominated for Long Island ’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business Awards Program.(Click "More" below to cast your vote for Lynda).

cherylIslip Rotarian Cheryl Rambler-Goveia will be honored for her achievements in promoting Literacy at an upcoming Rotary Multiculural Gala on March 7, 2012 at the Crest Hollow Country Club.  (Click  "More" below for all the details.)

ImagePictured here with her husband Alan is Rotarian Karen Sobel who left for India on February 17th with her daughter, Nancy, for a National Immunization Day (NID), where they will help administer polio immunizations to those in need.  We wish Karen and Nancy all the best on their journey and look forward to their safe return.  Stay tuned --more pics and stories to follow.
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What it means to be a Rotarian Robert Nathan 0