Remember no Rotary on New Years Day


Chumline 12-18-14
Pledge & Prayer: We thank you Sue Z who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Father Rick who gave us a
wonderful blessing. God Bless America!
 Karen Moss did a wonderful distributing the Christmas gifts. The school representatives came and picked up the gifts
for the children who were sure to have a better Christmas because of Rotarians. Way to go Islip Rotary! And a special
thank you again to Karen for dedicating yourself all of these years ;-)
 Community Service Dinner chatter starts early. We are thinking about honoring the people of the East Islip Youth
Organization for their generous support to the local community. If you have ideas, please speak to Tony. The date
may be Friday, March 27. More information to follow.
 The AMVETS breakfast was a great success. Bob (Pancakes) Nathan again served our men and women Veterans well.
Rotarians Steve and Phyllis among others helped the Veterans and had a wonderful time. Every month Amvets serve
our Veterans, if you would like to help or even join Amvets, please see Bob. It is a great way to help our local
 Our club holiday party is January 9th at St Mary’s hall – more details to follow.
Special Guests: We welcomed Fred back. It was nice to see him.
“Announcements & Upcoming Events”
January 8 2015 NEXT General Meeting
1‐9‐2015 Rotary After Holiday party at St Mary’s.
Happy Dollars:
Merri and Sue Z were happy for the Holidays. Karen M was happy to be with Rotarians. Dennis was happy for nice weather.
Russ was happy to see our Rotary friend Fred. Ryan got engaged so everyone is happy for him! Lynda is happy for the holidays.
Karen Sobel is happy for the holidays. Martha is happy for her new home on Division Ave in East Islip. Congrats!!! Fr Rick
was happy to have his Holiday shopping done. Bob was happy to be alive after his car accident and to be able to enjoy the
holidays. Chris was happy to make to meeting. And Fred was happy to see everyone.
$ 33 collected
The Wine winners > Gary and Karen Moss won the wine – ENJOY ;-)
The almost Golf Ball winner: Ryan got to pick the gold ball but in the end, the ball said “Same s—t different ball.”
Collected $105 > - the kitty is over $700.
Guest Speakers: We did not have a speaker.
If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
Editor at The Moran Report email:
Attendance: 20 members
Karen M Theresa Sue Z Dennis Merri Fr Rick Liz
Phyllis Lynda Chris Fred Gary Bob Karen S
Martha Ryan
Joe Perino Russ Jim S
Yours Truly in Rotary,
Merri Ciano
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