Chumline 10-1-15
Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Eric who lead us in the pledge and the prayer.    
                                      God  Bless  America  and  Rotarians!
  • Islip Rotary Rummage Sale at St. Mark’s Church.  This upcoming Saturday 10-10-15 > Start 9 a.m. to about 2 or 3 p.m.  We need volunteers, please be at St Marks around 8 a.m. 
  • October Fellowship Event- We are trying to arrange an October Fellowship Party in Fenton Hall at St. Marks.  Its not a fund raiser – just a good time to be with friends.  Either 10/24 or 10/30- We will let you know the date and time.
  • Early Childhood Literacy Event – We are coordinating our reading to students with The Commack Road, Wing Elementary and Sherwood Schools as well as with Trinity Church in the upcoming weeks (a Tuesday morning – about 8 A.M-ish).  We will do a Literacy Event with East Islip School in the Spring.  More information to follow.
  • Wheel Barrel of Cheer – Eric is getting the wheel barrel and already has some liquor.  If you can bring in a good bottle of Cheer to add to our collection, it would be appreciated.  At the Irish Coffee Pub, we are raffling the Wheel Barrel of Cheer as one of our fund raisers.   It should be an easy event that will allow us to raise money for our good causes.  Please bring a bottle of cheer with you to one of our meetings in the next 2 weeks.  Any Questions, please contact Spyros.  Chances/Tickets will be $10.  Thank you in advance. 
  • Veteran’s Stand Down- Gary Rosenfeld attended the Northport Veteran’s Stand Down with Bob Nathan and it was a great experience.  Gary noted that they still need volunteers once per Quarter to help Veterans through the process for living arrangements, food, employment, medical treatments so much more.  The VA has many professionals who are dedicated to helping these many, often times homeless vets, but they need people who can assist the veteran even by just listening to them.  As Gary mentioned, it was an experience that was well worth the time. As Islip Rotarians, our club is dedicating our talents, time and resources to assist Veterans and this program helps us to help veterans.  If you can volunteer even once that would help a great deal, please contact Bob.   Great job Gary, and Bob!!  
  • Bring a Veteran to Lunch- coordinating with the Sayville Rotary at Lands End (Thursday 12:00).  Its only $18 PP for lunch.  Bringing a Veteran could show your appreciation and introduce Rotary.  Guest speaker Tom Croci.  Please let Eric know if you can attend, so we have a head count.
  • Gift of Life – Bob announced he and several other Rotarians attended the Gift of Life Board meeting.  If you can attend any of these Gift of Life board meetings, it really can give you a better insight into what Rotary is doing to help children around the world. 
  • Membership – Bob was handing out fliers introducing Rotary to local small businesses in East Islip.  We could always use more members.  If you can bring a friend to lunch or tell someone about Rotary, we may be able to increase our membership.  “Many hands make light work.”
  • The Interact Club – Kathy is working with the East Islip students and Cheryl with the Islip students.  The interact clubs are filled with future Rotarians in the making.  We look forward to working with them this year.
  • Foundation Update- John Chinnici is asking if our members can consider having from their checking accounts automatic withdrawals of only $10 per month to the Rotary International Foundation that helps support our common causes.  If every member donates $100 per year, our club will not only be recognized for 100% member contributions but the Foundation also helps us with grants so we can expand our local and foreign good works of charity.    
  • Thanksgiving Baskets – we will be holding our annual Thanksgiving basket event.  We will meet at Shop & Stop in East Islip at  9 A.M.  – we will verify the date in November.  After getting the food at Shop & Stop, we will meet at Amvets (next to the Pub) so we can organize the food baskets, or boxes.  We also need big boxes to hold the food, if you can help. 
  • District Conference in Nassau County- The district conference is November 6 and November 7th at the LI Marriott in Uniondale.  The cost is $175 PP or $300 per couple- it includes dinner Friday with breakfast & lunch on Saturday hosting an array of Rotary speakers.  You do not have to stay at the hotel which is $175 per night.  It starts on Friday, November 6th at 1:30.   Rotarians who have gone previously said it was interesting and a great way to meet other local Rotarians.  Please let Eric know if you are attending.   For hotel reservations,  call 1800-291-9434.
  • Holiday Party at Clay and Marie’s house- December 11 at 6:30 until whenever you leave (or maybe 10:30).  More details to follow.
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing – We will be ringing the Bells at Pat’s Market on December 12th and again at Shop  Stop in East Islip on December 19th.   We take shifts so volunteering for an hour each day is all you need and is greatly appreciated.   
  • Islip Arts Council – visit their home  to see the great programs they are working on.  See what Summer events are around the corner!
  • Thank you Dennis for helping with the wine tickets and golf balls. 
Special Guests:  We welcome our guest speaker, Michael Ferraro.  If you can invite a business friend to Rotary maybe we can increase membership.    WE HAD GREAT ATTENDENCE TODAY!!!
Special Announcement – Russ Moran made a moving speech to nominate Eric as our 2018-2019 District Governor.   His hard work and dedication to helping people is a testament to the great people who join Rotary.   Congratulations Eric, you truly have our support!!
  “Announcements & Upcoming Events”  
10-10-15            Islip Rotary Rummage Sale at St. Mark’s Church.  Start 9 a.m. to about 2 or 3 p.m.
10-15                 October Fellowship  in Fenton Hall at St. Mark’s Church.   Will verify the date.
10-15                 Rotary Childhood Literacy Event – will verify the date and time.
11-6 & 11-7-15   District Conference LI Marriott Uniondale – starts Friday Nov. 6th.  Please let Eric Know you can attend.
11-12-15            Take a Veteran to Lunch – Lands End at noon - $18 pp
11-15                Thanksgiving Basket Event at Shop & Stop (9 A.M.) then to AMvets next to the Pub to organize the food boxes. Will verify the date.
12-11-15           Holiday Party at Clay and Marie’s House – 6:30 to whenever (or 10:30 am)
12-12-19          Salvation Army Bell Ringing  - Pat’s Market   - will verify time
12-19-15          Salvation Army Bell Ringing  - Shop & Stop  - will verify time
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Happy Dollars:   Lynda was happy about the Arts Council doing more long awaited for improvements.  Ritva was happy to get $1.00 from Karen Sobel.  Karen S was happy to share a dollar and to have time with her grandson. Dennis was happy the hurricane was missing us.  Merri was happy to be back with Rotary friends.  Teresa was happy her sister is doing better from having cardiac arrest.  Kevin M and Phyllis were happy to be with us.  Bob was happy about Eric’s nomination- as we all are!!  Eric was happy to represent our district and for our support.  James and Tom J were happy about the Mets!!! John C was happy his son was not in one of the brigades that left for Afghanistan. Russ was happy to have a quiet weekend. Guy was happy that Dick Labella’s photos are displayed at the East Islip Library.  And Liz was happy to be happy.
$  46 collected
The Wine winners >   Merri and Ryan won the win. ENJOY ;-)
The Golf Ball winner >  Teresa was the almost winner.  Better luck next time!!
Collected  $136 -   (The pot now has just over $1200.)
Guest Speaker:  Michael Ferraro from Dale Carnegie
Mike spoke to us about possible ways to utilize our time better. He had shared his weekly organizational chart that helps him focus on his weekly priorities to ensure he does all he can to meet his clients goals as well as his own.  The Dale Carnegie course in Leadership has shaped his skills so he can enjoy more personal time and a better quality of life.  
Dale Carnegie Training has been in the business of improving performance for companies and individuals for more than 100 years. During this time, they have had to constantly reinvent themselves and their offerings to ensure they stay successful and competitive in an ever-changing market. In a very fragmented marketplace and industry, companies will turn to an established brand with a proven track record in delivering results.  Dale Carnegie has held its principles to the highest standard. Their mission is to help people Live successfully, Lead successfully, Present successfully and Sell successfully. They are the original and still the best resource for developing the people side of business.  
"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." – Dale Carnegie.   For more information call 631-415-9388.
                  If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
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Attendance:     26 members
Ritva                     Teresa                  Eric                       Dennis                  Tom J                   Winsome               Audley                 Tom C
Kevin M                Merri                    Karen S                   Phyllis                  Karen M                Dennis                  Cheryl                  Kevin F
Teresa                  Eric                       Bob                       Tom J                   Liz                        Ryan                     Clay                      James
John C                  Fran                      Kathy                   Tom L                   Guy                       Lynda                   Gary
Joe Perino            Russ                      Jim S                                                  
Yours Truly in Rotary,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Merri Ciano