Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Clay who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Pastor Mike who gave us a wonderful blessing.    God  Bless  America!


  • After our board meeting it was agreed that we will honor the board members of the East Islip Soccer Youth Organization who have gone far beyond to help the youth of our community.  Additionally we will honor Carl Fraser the Super Intendant of East Islip School.  The Community Service Dinner will be held on March at the Irish Coffee Pub on March 27th.
  • Karen Moss also reported that the scholarships of $750 each are in process.  We are awaiting for an application update.
  • We welcomed two new Rotarians, Martha McDermott and Barbara Silhan.  We are happy to have them!! Congratulations!
  • The Interact Club is collecting gently used coats until the end of February.  If you can, please donate a coat.
  • GIFT of Life Black Tie Preferred or Business Suit. Oldies Dinner Dance is May 7th.
    • Gift of Life board meeting update:  the Haiti hospital project is going ahead. Surgeries will be performed at the Saint Damien's Pediatric Hospital, in Tabarre. Medical professionals will perform surgery but also to teach.  Our Goal is sustainability.
    • Uganda Gift of Life update:  Rotary Gift of Life 726 is managing/running a $154,000 Rotary Global Grant helping a fourteen member surgical team will be going to Uganda from George Washington University hospital, and the Grant provides needed operating room equipment, and offsets surgical team expenses as well.
  • Thank you Clay for helping with the happy dollars and golf balls.

Special Guests:  We welcomed our guest speaker Nancy Cochran, the executive director of KIC

“Announcements & Upcoming Events”

3-27-15  Community Service Dinner  Fun starts at 7 p.m.

5-7-15   Gift of Life Black Tie or Preferred or Business Suit. Oldies Dinner Dance (6pm to 10pm) at Windows of the Lake, Ronkonkoma $85p.p.


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         Happy Dollars:  

Everyone was happy to welcome our two new members, Martha and Barbara. Russ was happy that the super bowl is coming up. Fr. Rick is happy to have good health.  Denise is happy to have a good start in the new year.  Jim Sutton, Lynda and Dick were happy to join us.  Karen S was happy that we did not have much snow so far.  Martha and Barbara were happy to be  Rotarians.

$  43 collected

The Wine winners > Karen S and Ritva won the wine – ENJOY ;-)

The almost Golf Ball winner:    Tom Jones got to pick a ball but in the end, the ball said “Buzz Kill.”

Collected $119 > -   the kitty is over $1900.

Guest Speakers:     Nancy Cochran, the executive director of KIC


Keep Islip Clean (KIC), a not-for-profit, community service organization dedicated to a cleaner, prouder Islip Township. They are celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  KIC, a certified affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., with hundreds of dedicated volunteers, work all year round picking up roadside litter, planting flowers, painting over graffiti, cleaning our wetlands and improving the quality of life for all 18 hamlets of Islip. KIC has several programs that include Great American Clean up, Card Recycling Project, Graffiti Hurts and other educational programs.  Rotary has previously helped KIC and we look forward to future endeavors with them.


Please visit  for more information.  Great Job!!


If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
Editor at  The Moran Report  email:




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Attendance:     23 members

Karen M                              Theresa                Sue  Z                   Tom J                   Clay                      Martha                 Barbara                Jason

Kathy                   Lynda                   Ryan                     Dick                      Bob                       Karen S                Denise                  Pastor Mike

John C                  Liz                        Eric                       Gary

Joe Perino            Russ                      Jim S                                                

Yours Truly in Rotary,                                                                                                                                                                

Merri Ciano