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March 24, 2016
         Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Eric who lead us in the pledge and a wonderful prayer.    
                                      God  Bless  America  and  Rotarians!
  • AppleBee’s Rotary & Interact breakfast:  We had held this event before with great success. The breakfast is early Sunday morning (8 am on - April 10th).  It is a fundraiser event with Rotarians and Interact students helping to serve pancake dishes – breakfast tickets are $12 ea. We split the proceeds with the Interact students for each our own causes. The students are wonderful and all support is appreciated.  We need volunteers, please contact Cheryl if you can help serve pancakes or play host.   Cheryl -
  • The Early Childhood Literacy Events – APRIL 18th. Rotarians will be able to introduce themselves and see the smile on these precious children. Wing Elementary School – 10am to 11am. If you can volunteer to read to these young students, please let Cheryl know – it is very rewarding.
  • RYLA- If you can volunteer for the weekend of April 15th for RYLA camp, please let Cheryl know.
  • The Interact Club – had the Interact RISE Workshop which was a success.  Students were able to communicate with many professionals in various fields. They were introduced to resume building skills and more. Pastor Mike and Bob introduced Rotary and the Gift of Life program. There were 7 different school districts participating. The Interact clubs are filled with future Rotarians in the making. We look forward to working with them again this year.
  • April Rotary Breakfast: we are still working on the details, not at the Pub, but local. More to follow.
  • Community Service Dinner is MAY 13th and we are honoring our own Tom Jones- ($85 pp ~ volunteers need to be at Captain Bill’s Bayview House in Bay Shore at least by 6- 6:30pm)  WE NEED VOULTEERS & Journal ads- and if you know anyone who plays an instrument or sings, please let Eric know.  Clay’s band is performing – can’t wait!!
  • Homeless Veterans are helped - Bob gave us an update about one lucky Veteran –Bob was happy to announce that one veteran received $1,500 to help rebuild his home after disaster struck. Good news is good to hear ;-)
  • Gift of Life –  If you can attend any of these Gift of Life board meetings, it really can give you a better insight into what Rotary is doing to help children around the world.  Next meeting starts at 7 pm is in May 2016  at 7 Court House Dr Central Islip New York 11722, and every third Wednesday two months out.
  • Membership – We could always use more members.  If you can bring a friend to lunch or tell someone about Rotary, we may be able to increase our membership.  “Many hands make light work.”
  • Foundation Update-  John Chinnici is asking if our members can consider having from their checking accounts automatic withdrawals of only $10 per month to the Rotary International Foundation that helps support our common causes.  If every member donates $100 per year, our club will not only be recognized for 100% member contributions but the Foundation also helps us with grants so we can expand our local and foreign good works of charity.  
                          You can log onto and easily set up your automatic donations.
  • Islip Arts Council – The Arts Council is working with AARP to offer new programs - visit their home  to see the great programs they are working on.  See what Spring and Summer events are around the corner!
  • Thank you Dennis for helping with the wine tickets.
Special Guests:  We welcomed our guest speaker, Spyros.  We also welcomed Joe Palazzo who made his third meeting and will be inducted this week as our newest member. If you can invite a business friend to Rotary maybe we can increase membership.    
  “Announcements & Upcoming Events”  
4-10-16             Applebee’s Rotary & Interact breakfast event.  8am – 10 am  We need volunteers (see above).
4-28-16             Gift of Life Dinner Dance – Windows on the Lake in Ronkonkoma  (6pm -10pm) $95pp –Fabulous Tommy Sullivan from the Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge is performing.  Everyone had a great time last year!
5-13-16            Community Service Dinner – honoring our own Tom Jones  - Captain Bill’s  ~The Bayview House  >   6:30pm to 11pm-  ($85 pp)   We need volunteers and journal ads!!
5-20-16            Veterans STANDOWN FOR THE HOMELESS VETERANS EVENT at Northport VA 79 Middleville Road, Northport, in Bldg 89, 9 am to 2 pm.
7-13-16           Golf Outing- ROCK HILL COUNTRY CLUB RIVERHEAD - Contact Kevin Fitzpatrick
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       Happy Dollars:   
Merri was happy Bob is doing well after his surgery. Teresa was happy for the nice weather. Martha was happy to be back. Dennis was happy for the Spring blooms. Gary was happy to bee here. James was happy to be with us.  Eric was happy for Easter. Kathy, Fran, Kevin M, and Jim S were all happy to be with us too.  And we are all happy for our soon-to-be new member Joe Palazzo.
$  20 collected
The Wine winners >   Martha and Merri won the wine. ENJOY ;-)   
 The Golf Balls today >  James got to pick the ball and was asked where Rotary started to be able to pick again. He answered correctly that Rotary started in Chicago. But in the end, he did not pick the yellow ball – better luck next time!!
Collected  $64.
  Guest Speaker:  Spyros  from Astoria Bank spoke about the all- important FICO score.
A person's credit score calculated with software from Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO).  This organization owns your credit score. Credit scores from other companies will not count as much as the score from FICO. Spyros was very informative, telling us about the five ways our credit score is calculated. It breaks down; 35% payment history, 10% credit mix, 15% length of credit history, 10% new credit, 30% amounts owed.
Your credit score is used in considering not only loans but also for employment, insurance purposes including home, auto and life.  Spyros recommends that you monitor your credit score, getting the free annual credit reports.  He informed us that when you order three different credit reports in one month, shopping for a mortgage, the three requests count as one.  However, any time you request a credit report it automatically lowers your credit score by five points for 90 days, after which time your credit score would revert back to the old score.  Spyros did a great job in providing us with this important information.
Thank you again Spyros!!!
                  If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
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Total member attendance:  16
Merri                Dennis             Martha             Teresa              Gary                 Eric                  James              
Cheryl                  Kathy           Spyros              Fran                 Kevin M             Ryan                    
Joe Perino            Russ             Jim S                                                  
Yours Truly in Rotary,                                                                                                                                                               
Merri Ciano