Chumline 10-23-14

Pledge & Prayer: We thank you Bob who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Eric who gave us a wonderful
blessing. God Bless America!
 Karen Moss will need help with the Thanksgiving Baskets – shopping and filling the baskets Nov 24. –see below.
We need boxes to use as baskets, if you have any.
 The Halloween Party held at Seatuck was a good time!! The highlights included that Jim Sutton won the best costume
although the vote was out on what his costume actually was, maybe a King? Kevin said that happened at the party
cannot be repeated in public but won has had by all ;-) And he did win the Nix tickets.
 Thank you Eric for helping with the wine and golf ball tickets and happy dollars.
 Rotary Polio Day was on October 24th. Bob reminded us how Rotary was instrumental in eradicating Polio in the
world. There were 350 people with polio a year ago, down to 250 this year. Rotarians Rock!!
 AMVETS – having their annual Rock Music Night – Rocking to the Oldies with Tommy Sullivan from the Brooklyn
Bridge Band. Dinner and music!! Nov 8th at Amvets $35 pp
Special Guests: We welcomed our guest speaker Saul Silas Fathi from Compelling Lectures. And we also welcomed
Ritva Gottesmann a visiting Rotarian.
“Announcements & Upcoming Events”
11-2-14 Islip Arts Council is holding a Jazz fest at Treme’s in Islip to support its wonderful programs. 1 pm- 6pm. Only $20.
11-8-14 AMVETS – Rock to the Oldies with Tommy Sullivan from the Brooklyn Bridge Band - Dinner /Wine $35pp
11-24-14 Thanksgiving Baskets- meeting at Shop & Stop, Sunrise Hwy in East Islip at 9 a.m. then going to Amvets to put the
baskets together.
Upcoming Programs
30-Oct Karen Sobel is talking about her recent trip to California and Oregon.
Happy Dollars:
Eric was happy about having a great time at the Halloween Party. Merri was saying her prayers for Theresa who was
undergoing shoulder surgery. Kevin was happy his daughter Kayla was going to Syracuse with her. Theresa was happy to join
us. Karen M was happy to have great program. Sue Z was going to Montauk this weekend. Tom J was going to Fairfield Ct.
where his daughter played sports. Russ and Lynda missed their first flight home from Florida but they were happy they
eventually got another one. Joe was happy that Russ got back. Liz was happy she found a $1. For happy dollars.
$ 27 collected
The Wine winners > Liz and Eric won the wine – ENJOY ;-)
The almost Golf Ball winner: no golf balls today
Collected $0 > - the kitty is over $700.
Guest Speakers: Saul Silas Fathi Artificial Intelligence
Saul has worked for Grumann’s and other engineering companies for many years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the
intelligence exhibited by machines or software and the branch of computer science that develops machines and software with
intelligence. Or, in other words, AI is the use of science and engineering of making intelligent machines. The field of AI was
founded in a conference at Dartmouth College in 1956 and in the 1960’s the Department of Defense and laboratories heavily
funded research in the U.S. By 1985, the market for AI had reached over a billion dollars. As time moves forward into the
future, AI progress will continue to grow. Every day most of use AI, such in suri on our I-Phones.
Saul has various lecture topics that include speaking about his published books entitled, “Full Circle, escape from Baghdad- a
true story,” History of the Jews and Isreal,” Islamic Leader,” Arab-Islamic Groups and Organizations.” He was very
knowledgeable and we would love to have him back.
Thank you very much Saul. You did a great job!! We look forward to another great Rotary Meeting!!!!
If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
Editor at The Moran Report email:
Attendance: 14 members
Eric Karen M Theresa Bob Sue Z
Merri Kevin Denise Tom J Liz Gary
Joe Perino Russ Jim S
Yours Truly in Rotary,
Merri Ciano
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