Chumline 10-16-14 


Chumline 10-16-14 

Pledge & Prayer: We thank you Kevin who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Merri who gave us a wonderful 

blessing. God Bless America!


 Please keep Warren in our prayers, he is doing well. 

 Karen Moss will need help with the Thanksgiving Baskets – shopping and filling the baskets Nov 24. –see below. 

 Bob reported that the Taste of Long Island will be raising money for the Gift of Life. October 8th (time: 7 pm to 

10pm) at Appliance World on 414 New York Ave. Huntington (Donation $45 pp). This event has always been a lot of 

fun and the food is wonderful!! We look forward to supporting the Gift of Life while pigging out on great food ;-) 

 The Halloween Party was held at Seatuck on Friday. It was sure to be a good time!! 

 Thank you Dennis for helping with the wine and golf ball tickets and happy dollars. 

 Rotary Polio Day is on October 24th, Phyllis will be handing out Polio bucket to collect donations for this great cause. 


Special Guests: No special guests today. However, we had a special meeting. Everyone had reintroduced themselves, 

telling everyone something others probably did not know about them. See Speakers box below... it was a fun time ;-) 

 “Announcements & Upcoming Events” 

10‐26‐14  Halloween Party for the family. Shandon Court East Islip  11 am‐  2pm.  FREE > Fun –food – games. (Donations


10-27-14 Monday at Racine’s Gala is October 27 at Obsessions on Route 109. Rachel will bring in tickets for anyone who 

wishes to attend. 

11-2-14 Islip Arts Council is holding a Jazz fest at Treme’s in Islip to support its wonderful programs. 1 pm- 6pm. Only $20. 

11-24-14 Thanksgiving Baskets- meeting at Shop & Stop, Sunrise Hwy in East Islip at 9 a.m. then going to Amvets to put the 

baskets together. 

Upcoming Programs 

30-Oct Karen Sobel is talking about her recent trip to California and Oregon. 

 Happy Dollars: I did not really get to take notes on happy dollars because we did something different (see 

speaker’s box below). However, if I may, I would like to take a shot at why I think people are happy. 

 Eric is just happy, he always has a smile on his face ;-) Merri was merry- well because I am always merri. Ryan was happy 

that he was not getting married but his brother did. Kevin was happy he has two beautiful daughters. Karen S was happy to 

have another Karen in our club. Theresa was happy to be a new member as we are that she joined us. Dennis was happy to be 

married to someone always so merry. Pastor Mike was happy to be off his knees – not doing flooring. –And his daughter just 

got married. James was happy to have a great sense of humor. Karen M was happy to have another Karen too. Tony is happy 

that June is not too far off. 

$ 16 collected 

The Wine winners > Merri and James won the wine – ENJOY ;-) 

The almost Golf Ball winner: Patrick picked for Tony and Eric a golf ball that said “you lose.” 

Collected $50 > - the kitty is over $700. 

Guest Speakers: Tony, our president, had a great idea. If we do not have a speaker, we can go around the room and say 

something about ourselves or our business. This week we told everyone something others may not know about us.... 

Tony, “The Boss” on NYPD and in real life has two wonderful kids and family. Eric is the fourth generation of funeral 

directors in his family. Christmas dinner should be a blast, “Please pass the embalming sauce.” Ryan was a male model before 

he sold insurance. Kevin has been married for twenty years, three of which were the happiest of his life. Guy has a twin that 

sometimes poses for him as the photographer at weddings if he cannot get there. Is it really Guy at Rotary?-hmmm keep them 

guessing. Karen S met her hubby on a blind date. Karen M loves teaching and has two wonderful grandkids. Merri was born in 

the sixties. The family dog was named Christmas, so that is how we got Merri. Dennis may not really be Italian, he is more 

German. Pastor Mike used to do flooring before becoming the pastor of Holy Trinity Church. James was an alcoholic – he 

could not stay away from the embalming sauce. Theresa is a retired nurse and really enjoyed getting to know us better ;-)

Thank you very much Tony. You did a great job!! We look forward to another great Rotary Meeting!!!! 

If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran 

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Attendance: 15 members 

Eric Ryan Karen M Theresa Guy Karen S 

Merri Kevin Tony Dennis Pastor Mike James 

Joe Perino Russ Jim S 

Yours Truly in Rotary, 

Merri Ciano