Pledge & Prayer: We thank you Merri who lead us in the pledge and Bob for a wonderful prayer.
God Bless America and Rotarians!

Rotary’s District Governor, Wendy Walsh- DeMaria, visited us this past Thursday. Wendy was our guest speaker – see
below. We also had a special board meeting Board meeting that preceded the regular meeting, with the District
Governor, which went very well. Once a year our club needs to update and submit the Rotary Planning Guide that
explains what our annual goals are as a club. The Rotary Planning Guide also reminds us of a few housekeeping rules
we need to practice. Within the next few weeks we will be updating our club members on some of our obligations to
Rotary International. In this way we can better utilize our efforts in helping our local and international communities.
One such requirement for all members is that they participate in volunteering – even if for an hour of time,
experience or donating a basket for fundraisers. We have many projects so we have something for everyone to choose
from for their volunteer project.
Rotary Polio Plus – We have donated this week’s Happy Dollars (collected $100) to Rotary’s Polio Plus. We will
periodically make these collections a donation to continue to assist Rotary International in eradicating Polio in the world.
The Bill Gates Foundation has promised to match our donations Two dollars for every One dollar we contribute.
Rotary Technology Fundraising Raffle – Karen Sobel and James had gotten the two Apple watches and one Echo
device that we are raffling off as our first big fundraiser. The tickets are $10 each (7 tickets for $50) and we will need
volunteers to stand in front of Stanley’s as well as Stuff-A-Bagel on Sunday November 5th from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, to
sell tickets. We have passed around a sign in sheet but we have not gotten many people to help (please email Dennis or
Liz if you can participate). This is one of our big fundraisers and we need the money to enable us to fund our great
Rotary causes such as the Gift of Life which literally saves lives. If you can even make yourself available for one hour it
would greatly appreciated. The raffle will be held on the last week of November.
Collecting Booze: Our next fundraiser is the wheel barrels of cheer. We need good booze and beer. Please bring in a
bottle of wine, liquor or beer to anyone of our meetings. One wheel barrel will be left at Irish Coffee Pub and the other at
Shandon Court. More information to follow for our December raffle. Again, these raffles are essential so we can
provide school supplies, turkeys and even Christmas presents to our local schools.
Literacy Project / Collecting old books – Our District Governor, Wendy, has asked us to collect adult and children’s
books to donate to people in the Dominic Republic, a project she is working on with our whole district. You can bring
the books in a regular meeting and give them to Dennis or Cheryl.
Gift of Life Board Meetings– November 15th at the Marriot Residence Inn @ 6pm. Each new member should attend at
least one of these meetings, it really can give you a better insight into what Rotary is doing to help children around the
world. We have raised thousands of dollars to help save the lives of children from all over the world who desperately
need surgery. Rotary saves lives!
Thanksgiving Basket shopping is November 20th meeting at Shop & Stop at 9 a.m. and then going to the Islip Terrace
Fire Dept on Carlton Ave to prepare the boxes of food for our local families who need our help. Please let Karen Moss,
Dennis or Liz know if you can help, even if for an hour.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing on December 2nd staring at 9 2 p.m. at Shop & Stop. We will be handing out a
schedule list if you could tell us what hour you would like to volunteer for.
Homeless Veterans are helped – The next “Stand Down” event will be at the VA in Northport. Bob and Teresa will
give us an update. If you can make it to the next event, please let Bob know if you can make it. Many of our members
have already helped and made a difference in the lives of Veterans.
Interact club- The Interact clubs are helping us with the Christmas bell ringing. Kathy and Cheryl will let us know any
Scholarships – We look forward to a new school year and will let you know any further developments.
Membership – We could always use more members. If you can bring a friend to lunch or tell someone about Rotary, we
may be able to increase our membership. “Many hands make light work.”
Foundation Update- John Chinnici is asking if our members can consider having from their checking accounts
automatic withdrawals of only $10 per month to the Rotary International Foundation that helps support our common
causes. If every member donates $100 per year, our club will not only be recognized for 100% member contributions
but the Foundation also helps us with grants so we can expand our local and foreign good works of charity.
You can log onto and easily set up your automatic donations.
Islip Arts Council – The Arts Council is celebrating. Visit their home to see the great
programs they are working on.
Special Guests: We welcomed our District Governor Wendy Walsh- DeMaia and Assitant Governor Pam Greene from the
Sayville Rotary. And we had a visiting Rotarian Dick Bornstien from the Huntington club join us. Please feel free to bring a
friend to Rotary. The more the merrier.
A Special Note; A week ago, our own Liz Mayott also had own the Golf Ball with Fran in a two way split – Congratulations!!
(Just over $400 each.) We had also inducted John Dolan, East Islip Super Intendent, into our club. He was sworn in by Wendy,
our District Governor – a special honor. Welcome to the club, John! And thank you Fran who proposed John for membership.
There is no kinder compliment than a Rotarian recommending someone to our club, it speaks to the wonderful people we call
One of newest members Jeanine had attended the Rotary Leadership Institute. She will be happy to discuss her experience. We
encourage new and current members to take advantage of Rotary’s continuing education programs.
“Announcements & Upcoming Events”
11/9 Islip Arts Council Directors Dinner honoring Robert Anthony Jones (Islip HS graduate and famous actor – also Tom
Jones brother) as well as Hon. Tom Cilmi . More on this to come
11/20 Thanksgiving Basket shopping, meeting at Shop & Stop in East Islip (9 a.m.) – then Amvets to prepare the boxes for the
families in our local schools.
12/2 Salvation Army Bell Ringing at East Islip Shop & Stop (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
12/8 Christmas Party at Clays House, - More information to follow. Thank you Clay – again ;-)
5/18/18 Heroin Awareness with Chris Herrin at Islip High School – more information to follow
If you would like to see the Rotary Calendar, Please log onto the Google calendar:
Happy Dollars:
Jason was happy his son, Jason, is running cross country. Karen M was happy for all of our wonderful members. Fred was
$20 happy to be able to join us. Dennis and Merri were happy to be able to see their grandchildren this week. Cheryl was
happy to have Wendy and Pam Greene join us. Kathy was happy to discuss good ideas at the board meeting with our District
Governor. James B was happy for all of our guests. We are all happy to have John Dolan as our newest member!
$ 100 Collected and donated to Rotary’s Polio Plus
CLUB RUNNER Website Info:
Islip Club runner:
District Club Runner:
 Log in using the same log-in name and password. For more information, contact Fr. Rick
Please make sure you update your profile.
The Wine winners > Dick from the Huntington Rotary and Karen M won – enjoy!
The Golf Balls today > Jane won $25 from the golf ball 50/50. Congratulations!!!
Collected $127.
Guest Speaker: Wendy Walsh-De Maria, our Rotary District #7255 Governor.
Wendy who lives in East Port, has extensive professional experience, including being a retired doctor, Real Estate agent and
Auctioneer. She has many good ideas and has 29 years in experience in Rotary. Wendy’s goal is to work for each club member
to make our Rotary experience the best it could be.

Wendy spoke of our new Rotary President, Ian Riseley’s, goals. His slogan is “Rotary makes a difference.” To make the earth a
better place, we will be planting trees next year, encourage each Rotary member to contribute just $100 each year to the Rotary
Foundation, encourage members to learn more about Rotary Grants; such as with Rotary’s Polio Plus – for every one dollar we
donate, the Foundation matches it. We will also encourage members to use the Rotary Club Runner more frequently to keep up
on Rotary updates and news. The Club Runner has a Rotary Directory, a calendar and a learning center. We can share
fundraising ideas, newsletters and more.
We are excited to have Wendy’s help and inspiration. If you would like to contact Wendy at or 631-325-8647.
Great job Wendy!!
If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
editor at The Moran Report email:
Attendance: 29 members
Ryan Kevin M Billy John C James B Jason Karen M Teresa
Karen S Kathy Bob Lynda Fred John D Jeanine Dennis
Merri Cheryl James S Jimmy S Jane Liz Guy Tom C
Allison Gary
Joe Perino Russ Jim S
Have a great Rotary day!!