Chumline 12-4-14
Pledge & Prayer: We thank you Eric who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Father Rick who gave us a
wonderful blessing. God Bless America!
 Karen Moss wanted to again extend her thanks to everyone who was able to participate with the Thanksgiving baskets.
Rotary fed 30 families – that’s a good feeling ;-) And THANK YOU to Karen for always being the go-to-girl.
 Thursday Lynda, Tony and others went to Brookwood Hall to help decorate the tree in Rotary colors and this past
weekend was the tree lighting. It is a beautiful tree, if you get to pass by it would be worth it.
 Karen distributed the Christmas gift tag list. Please speak to Karen if you would like to donate a gift to a child.
 Ryan extends his thanks to everyone who could donate a coat for the coat drive. They collected over 50 coats- great job!
 Fr. Rick gave a honorable mention to Kevin and his daughters that helped St Marks with their recent event. Kevin is
raising two future Rotarians ;-)
 Lynda was on the News recently for the Islip Arts Council and its effort to help make art a part of MacArthur Airport
culture. Congratulations Lynda!
 Community Service Dinner chatter starts early. We are thinking about honoring the people of the East Islip Youth
Organization for their generous support to the local community. If you have ideas, please speak to Tony. The date
seems to be Friday, March 27. More information to follow.
 We had our December board meeting and it went well.
>We also gave a special thank you to Bonnie and Patrick who help us every week.
Special Guests: We welcomed our guest speaker Barbara Brown and Frank Verdone from Ride for Life, a local notfor-
profit helping people with ALS.
“Announcements & Upcoming Events”
12-11-14 Islip Arts Council Kick‐Off Cocktail Reception for the Brookwood Hall Restoration – 7 ‐ 9 pm
12‐17‐14 AMVETS Veterans Breakfast 10 am – We donated $900 to sponsor two breakfasts this year for veterans. We
need help to serve the veterans, if you can make it please see Bob. We get a matching grant for this event from the foundation
so any support is welcomed.
12‐18‐14 Last Meeting before Christmas
January 8 2015 NEXT General Meeting
1‐9‐2015 Rotary After Holiday party at St Mary’s.
Happy Dollars:
Sue Z was happy to be going to the city with friends this weekend. Karen M was happy for the Islanders winning ;-) Merri was
happy to be over the shingles. Dennis was doubly happy. Tom Jones was happy for Thanksgiving. Tony was happy he made a
board meeting. Russ was happy the Jets and the Giants ae out of their misery. Ryan was happy for the good board meeting.
Steve was happy to see the sun again. Kevin was happy to be seeing a James Taylor concert. And Lynda was just happy.
$ 47 collected
The Wine winners > Fran and Kathy won the wine – ENJOY ;-)
The almost Golf Ball winner: Sue Z got to pick the gold ball twice but in the end, the ball said “it’s a not-for-profit ball”
Collected $127 > - the kitty is over $700.
Guest Speakers: Barbara Brown and Frank Verdone from Ride for Life, a local not-for-profit helping people with ALS.
You may have seen Chris Pendergast on t.v. or in the newspaper. He is the North Babylon teacher who was stricken with ALS
and helped start the not-for-profit organization Ride For Life. Since 1996, he has helped bring awareness to this crippling
disease. – Even before there was the ice bucket challenge. He is one of the few who has lived as long as he is. Most people
with ALS die within two to five years.
Chris could not be with us as he was ill. However, Barbara and Frank were on hand to tell us about the Ride For Life and the
disease. Frank could tell us first hand. He has ALS. He stood with his cane and told us about his fears and about living with
ALS. His courage was an inspiration to us all!! God Bless!!!
For more information visit their website
Thank you very much Barbara and Frank. You did a great job!!
If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
Editor at The Moran Report email:
Attendance: 20 members
Eric Karen M Theresa Tony Sue Z Dennis James
Merri Kevin Denise Tom J Tony Clay Fr Rick
Steve Phyllis Kathy Lynda
Joe Perino Russ Jim S
Yours Truly in Rotary,
Merri Ciano
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