Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a wonderful Holiday.  These are the notes from the chumline.  I am in Washington state until after January 22 so if someone can help me with the chumline notes for the this week and the next, I would appreciate it.  Thank you very much.  Have a great weekend ;-)
Chumline 1-8-15
Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Bob who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Father Rick who gave us a wonderful blessing.    God  Bless  America!
·         After our board meeting it was agreed that we will honor the board members of the East Islip Soccer Youth Organization who have gone far beyond to help the youth of our community.  Additionally we will honor Carl Fraser the Super Intendant of East Islip School.  The Community Service Dinner will be held on March at the Irish Coffee Pub on March 27th.
·         Karen Moss thanked everyone again for their help with the Christmas gifts for local school children. We had three extra gifts that we sent to Central Islip Schools. We will start earlier next year to avoid problems of getting gifts and ensure a smooth process.
·         Karen Moss also reported that the scholarships of $750 each are in process.  We are awaiting for an application update.
·         Our club holiday party was January 9th at St Mary’s hall and everyone had a great time. Father gave everyone a history lesson in that the St Mary’s hall’s building was actually the original St Mark’s Church which was moved to its current location.  Cool facts ;-)  And Thank Clay for picking up the food.    
·         Karen Sobel reported that the Haiti water project is a go.  Through the grant we will also get credit for a $1000 for the Paul Harris foundation.
·         Bob reported that he now has a complete list of media connections so we will be able to report any Rotary events. Great job Bob!! 
·         Kathy reported that the Interact Club is very active.  They are holding a coat drive (if you have a gently used coat and can donate it, please contact Kathy).  They have also held a candy cane drive and they are holding a fund raiser to help rebuild the Ryla building in Massachusetts that went of fire among many other wonder projects.   
·         Thank you Clay for helping with the happy dollars and golf balls.
·         Karen Moss’s new email address is prinitch@aol.com
Rotary dues are due for the first half of 2015.  To that end we must eliminate people from our Rotary membership.  Unfortunately when people are on our member list but they do not pay their dues, the club still must pay the district which takes away from the purpose of our intentions – to raise money for our charities.  Therefore we ask if you have not paid your dues but would like to remain a member, which we would welcome, but for whatever reason you are unable, please contact Tony.  You can pay your dues in installments.  Thank you very much!!   
Special Guests:  We welcomed Bob Nathan’s girlfriend, Florence.  Also Bob’s friend, Stanley Silverstien was welcomed.
  “Announcements & Upcoming Events”
3-27-15  Community Service Dinner  Fun starts at 7 p.m.
If you would like to see the Rotary Calendar, Please log onto the Google calendar: cid=ZTRrbjdmanF1OWh2N2lrbGY5cWJibjltaW9AZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ&invEmailKey=adamicoesq
           Happy Dollars:  
Russ was happy that the super bowl is coming up. Fr. Rick is happy to have good health.  Denise is happy to have a good start in the new year.  Jim Sutton, Lynda and Guy were happy to join us.  Karen S was happy that we did not have much snow so far. Merri was happy to be a Rotarian. Tony was happy to have a good first half of his term and looks forward to the next half. Tom L was happy for the New Year.
$  49 collected
The Wine winners > James and Merri won the wine – ENJOY ;-)
The almost Golf Ball winner:    Sue Z’s daughter, Carly  got to pick the gold ball twice but in the end, the ball said “Big Ball.”
Collected $119 > -   the kitty is over $1700.
Guest Speakers:     Merri Ciano, Certified Financial Planner, spoke about the ever changing problems of coordinating health care today.
Merri started a non-for-profit organization, The Long Island Senior Education council to help people with coordinating their finances to afford healthcare.  The biggest obstacle people may face today is to understand how they would coordinate their health plans with Medicare and Medicaid (if needed).  Additionally the Obamacare plans may not be what people expect.  Some hospitals may accept one plan or another, as well, doctors are selling their practices to hospitals or dropping out of accepting plans all together.  People may not find out what hospitals accept their plans until there is an emergency.  Additionally Medicare plans are not accepted by all doctors or hospitals.  Not all prescriptions are paid for and Medicaid has limitations as well. Coordination is essential!  For helpful information, please visit www.LIseniorEducation.org.
If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
Editor at  The Moran Report   www.morancom.com  email: russ@morancom.com