Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Tom LiCari  who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Fr Rick who gave us a wonderful blessing.    God  Bless  America!



  • The Community Service Dinner is fast approaching. March 27th will be here be we know it.  It is $75 pp – cash bar. Of course at the Irish Coffee Pub so you know the food will be good.
  • Karen Moss also reported that the scholarships of $750 each are in process.  She will update us when she knows more.
  • The Interact Club is collecting gently used coats until the end of February.  If you can, please donate a coat- see Kathy. Also Bob reintroduced Kathy at our meeting in that our new members and old may better understand what the Interact Club does and how they work with Rotary.  The first interact club was established in Florida in 1960 to get more kids involved with community service.  They held fundraisers to help their local communities and work with local Rotary clubs.  In the East Islip High School where Kathy represents our Club, they have about 20 members. They meet every other week and Kathy attends those meetings. Cheryl represents our club with the Islip High School.  The two high school Interact Clubs will be working on some joint projects. These are good kids who love our RYLA program, hold fundraisers like the candy cane project so they can donate the proceeds to great causes.  These are our future Rotarians! Great Job Kathy and Cheryl!!!!


  • Barbara told us a story of elder abuse.  Please warn those you love not to open the door for people they did not call upon for service.  “repairmen are targeting seniors.”
  • Tom Cilmi mentioned his fundraiser was canceled last due to the snow but it is on again for 2/10 at the Irish Coffee Pub. Please see Tom for more details.
  • Thank you Clay for helping with the happy dollars and golf balls.

Special Guests:  We welcomed our guest speaker Senator Phil Boyle.


“Announcements & Upcoming Events”

3-27-15  Community Service Dinner  Fun starts at 7 p.m.  $75. Per person – cash bar.  Irish Coffee Pub. We are honoring the board members of the East Islip Soccer Youth Organization who have gone far beyond to help the youth of our community.  Additionally we are honoring Carl Fraser who is the Super Intendant of East Islip School.

5-7-15   Gift of Life Black Tie or Preferred or Business Suit. Oldies Dinner Dance (6pm to 10pm) at Windows of the Lake,         Ronkonkoma $85p.p.


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         Happy Dollars:  

Ritva was happy to be with us. Barbara was happy to be a new Rotarian. Merri was happy to do the notes. Karen M was happy that we have great representatives for our Interact clubs. Tom J was not happy about the snow coming back. Denise was not happy that she has jury duty ;-0 Bob was happy for a great presentation. Tom Licari was happy to be back. Lynda was happy to see everyone. Guy was happy for the snow – maybe also for a snow day ;-) Fred was happy to be with us- and then asked if Tom Licari was wearing socks? He was but they had a hole because he only has one pair ;-/   Pastor Mike was happy for snow blowers!!

$  41 collected

The Wine winners > Karen S and Karen M won the wine – ENJOY ;-)

The almost Golf Ball winner:    Fred got to pick a ball but in the end not a winner – better luck next time.

Collected $??  Will verify as I left early > -   the kitty is over $2000.


Guest Speakers:     Senator Phil Boyle representative in District 4 which includes Bay Shore and the Islip’s. He spoke about Common Core Standards.

Literally a life-long resident of New York's Fourth State Senate District, Phil  Boyle was born in Southside Hospital and grew up in East Islip.  Phil  Boyle was a founding partner in the law firm of Steinberg & Boyle, LLP, and he is now an attorney with the leading tax certiorari law firm of Cronin, Cronin, Harris and O'Brien, P.C., headquartered in Uniondale, New York.

Actively involved in his community, Phil serves as a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Sierra Club, as well as an active volunteer  firefighter  and  former Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Great River Fire Department.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational initiative in the United States that details what K-12 students should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each grade.  Forty-four of the fifty U.S. states and the District of Columbia are members of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. There are those who support Common Core and those who oppose it.  Starting in the 2014/2015 the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will be fully implemented. Phil explained that teachers are being tested on their knowledge of common core but Kids grades do not reflect common core scores so if a kid went from a 99 to 40 the score does not go into the reports.

For more information please feel free to visit his website >



If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
editor at  The Moran Report  email:

Feb 5 -  Frank Dano of Momentum Nursing Home in East Islip

Feb 12 -Bob Peddersen - The programs of the YMCA, Bay Shore




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Attendance:     26 members

Karen M                              Theresa                Tom J                   Clay                      Martha                 Barbara                Kathy                   Lynda        

Ryan                     Bob                       Karen S                Denise                  Pastor Mike         Merri                    Fr Rick                      Tom C

Liz                        Eric                       Gary                     Tom Licari           Guy                       Fred                      Ritva

Joe Perino            Russ                      Jim S                                                 

Yours Truly in Rotary,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Merri Ciano