LAST  MEETING  FOR  2015 and we did a great job! Rotarians make the world a better place!  Happy New Year Everyone!!!
Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Eric who lead us in the pledge and a wonderful prayer.    
                                      God  Bless  America  and  Rotarians!
MERRY  CHRISTMAS           ~    and Happy belated Hanukah ;-)                                                            Peace to all of God’s children, young and old!!         
  • Christmas Gifts- Karen Moss did another great job in organizing our Rotary gifts for local school children. These kids will have a better Christmas because of Rotarians!
  • The Rotary Holiday Party was at Clay’s house- on December 11th and it was another great time. Thank you Clay for welcoming us into your beautiful home.  Your Rotary heart was shining bright ;-)
  • Wheel Barrel of Cheer was won by EMMA CARNEY who works at the Irish Coffee Pub.  Congratulations Emma!  We have raised about $3,500 from this fund raiser so that we are able to continue our Rotary outreach in the upcoming New Year.  Great job Rotarians!!! 
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing – We rang our cold bells at Shop & Stop in East Islip. And we had a great time!  The weather was worse in years past so all was good this year. Many people commented that Rotarians make merry bell ringers.     
  • Thanksgiving Baskets went very well. We fed 30 families from our local community and have received thank you letters in appreciation of our efforts. Thank you to everyone who could participate!!   
  • The Interact Club – Kathy reported working with the East Islip students who are working on their candy cane drive and are making cards for local burn victims. They have also sponsored a Christmas Tree at Brookwood Hall and are mailing supplies to Veterans.  Many kids are already asking about Ryla and we may send more than two children to Ryla because of the high demand.  The interact clubs are filled with future Rotarians in the making.  We look forward to working with them this year.
  • The Early Childhood Literacy Events went well. Thanks to Cheryl and her daughter Rotarians were able to introduce themselves and see the smile on these precious children.  Next we are coordinating our reading to students with the East Islip School in the Spring.  More information to follow.
  • Foundation Update-Need last minute tax deductions >  John Chinnici is asking if our members can consider having from their checking accounts automatic withdrawals of only $10 per month to the Rotary International Foundation that helps support our common causes.  If every member donates $100 per year, our club will not only be recognized for 100% member contributions but the Foundation also helps us with grants so we can expand our local and foreign good works of charity.       You can log onto and easily set up your automatic donations.
  • Gift of Life – The next board meeting is in January.  If you can attend any of these Gift of Life board meetings, it really can give you a better insight into what Rotary is doing to help children around the world.  Next meeting starts at 7 pm is in January 2016  at 7 Court House Dr Central Islip New York 11722, and every third Wednesday two months out, then March 2016.
  • Membership – We could always use more members.  If you can bring a friend to lunch or tell someone about Rotary, we may be able to increase our membership.  “Many hands make light work.”
  • Islip Arts Council – visit their home  to see the great programs they are working on.  See what Fall and Winter events are around the corner!
  • Thank you Dennis and Ted for helping with the wine tickets.
Special Guests:  We welcomed our guests Dick’s wife, Diane, and Merri’s dad, Jimmy.  We also welcomed Spyros’s guest, Jessica. If you can invite a business friend to Rotary maybe we can increase membership.    
  “Announcements & Upcoming Events”  
4-28-16             Gift of Life Dinner Dance – Windows on the Lake in Ronkonkoma  (6pm -10pm) $95pp –Fabulous Tommy Sullivan from the Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge is performing.  Everyone had a great time last year!
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Happy Dollars:   John C was happy to have his son home from the Army for Christmas. Jim S was happy that he is finally able to do construction on his building- the Town finally gave him their blessing.  Clay was happy that the Holiday party was a lot of fun. Dennis was happy to be with us.  Merri was merry.  Ryan was happy to be a married Rotarian.- congrats!! Gary was happy to be able to go to a ball game at Yankee Stadium – only he will be in Indiana (better luck next time). Liz was happy her husband is doing well. Kathy was proud to be a Rotarian. Phyllis was happy to be spending 3 months in Florida – she will be missed.  Sue Z was happy that both of her daughters received job promotions. Kevin F was happy (and scared) his daughter is applying to colleges. Karen M is happy the Christmas gifts went well.  
 $  53 collected
The Wine winners >   Sue and Phyllis won the wine. ENJOY ;-)   
The Golf Balls today >  Clay won a ball to pay $10 to pick again, then he won to have Ryan pick for him and then he got another ball, but not the yellow ball.  Better luck next time!!
Collected  $151-   (The pot now has over $2000.)
Guest Speaker:  Spyros was our speaker.         
Spyros did a great job in giving us information on how FDIC insurance works.  Working for Astoria Bank, he has many years of banking experience.  He shared his knowledge on FDIC because it is important to know how your money is insured.  Each account owner is insured up to $250,000.  
He gave us examples; such as having two people on your account would insure the account up to $500,000.  However, IRA’s and corporate accounts would only be insured up to $250,000 because you only have one owner or federal tax number.          Very interesting talk, thank you Spyros!!!   
                  If you would like to be a speaker or know someone else who would, please contact Russell F. Moran
editor at  The Moran Report  email:
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Total Attendance:  27 Members  - GREAT ATTENDENCE!!
Ryan           Merri                    Karen M              Eric                       Ted                       Dick                      Liz                      Tom C
Dennis        Phyllis                  Martha                 Spyros                  John C                  Kathy                     Gary                   Teresa
Kevin F       Bob                       Sue Z                 Kerrianne               Laura                    Clay                      Kevin M               Fran      
Joe Perino   Russ                      Jim S                                                  
Yours Truly in Rotary,                                                                                                                                                                            Merri Ciano