May 7th Chumline


Chumline May 7th

Pledge & Prayer:   We thank you Dennis who lead us in the pledge and thank you to Fr Rick who gave us a wonderful blessing.    God  Bless  America!



  • Community Service Honorees select their Charities.  The East Islip Soccer Club has selected the Islip Breast Cancer Coalition while Mr. Frazer selected a charity for Brain Aneurysm research.   Great job!!
  • The Gift of Life Dinner was May 7th – looks like a great time was had by all.  To see the pictures click…

  • Making a difference around the world – The Rotary Haiti Project is going strong.  People in a Haiti town now have clean water thanks to Rotary.  George Soloman who has been to Haiti will be coming to speak to our club soon to give us an update.
  • RYLA campout was in Riverhead- the Dorothy Flint 4H Club.  It was a great weekend!  Some of the RYLA students will be coming on May 21st to speak to us about their experience.  Please if you can come to our meeting and show your support, it would be greatly appreciated.  It is another great Rotary program.
  • Karen reported at the board meeting that the Interact Club has raised about $1000 in their Bowling event and they are also working to clean up our community, like the East Islip Beach.  Their next project is to collect character Band-Aids for pediatric care.  Please bring character Band-Aids to the May 21st meeting to show your support.    
  • Karen Moss also reported that the Rotary scholarships of $750 each are in process.  We have selected the four Interact students – two from Islip and two from East Islip – to receive this year’s Rotary scholarships.  Eric is kind enough to deliver the scholarships to the students at their school event.
  • Still buzzing with BeesWell Veteran Stoves help homeless Vets make food and keep warm.  Shannon Burbage and her fellow Ronkonkoma Rotarian, Ron paid us another visit. They gave us an update on the wonderful program they started.  Our club and our own Rotarians have pledge hundreds of dollars to buy more stoves to help our veterans- to date we have purchased 115 stoves for homeless Veterans. There is a local need for approximately 2000 stoves per month.  In the Summer months, the need will only increase.   If you would like to donate to buy a BeesWell stove for a veteran, please speak to Bob or Tony.  
  • Islip Arts Council – visit their home  to see the great programs they are working on.  See what Spring events are around the corner!
  • Thank you Dennis for helping with the happy golf balls – short for happy dollars and golf balls.


Special Guests:  We welcomed guest Spyros Krokidis who made his third meeting and will be inducted next week. Congrats Spyros!! If you can invite a business friend to Rotary maybe we can increase membership.  All are welcome.

  “Announcements & Upcoming Events”  

7-2-15  Installment Dinner- Our New (again) President Eric will be inducted as our new leader.  Captain Bill’s at 6:30pm.


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 Happy Dollars:  

Martha was happy that to for the weather and planting time.  Tony is happy that Eric is our next president. Dennis was happy for the beautiful weather. Merri was happy to be feeling lucky. Kathy was happy to see her grandchildren crawling around.  Fr. Rick was happy to be with us and his daughter made it to Prague for research studies.  John C was happy to be visiting his son at boot camp.  Rick was happy make it to the meeting.  Karen S was happy for our new member, Spyros and it is flower planting time.  Eric was happy for Mother's day!

$  43 collected

The Wine winners > Ryan and Spyros won the wine – ENJOY ;-)

The almost Golf Ball winner:    Merri got to pick a ball but in the end it was not a winner – better luck next time ;->

Collected $0 -   no golf balls today.

Guest Speaker:  No Speaker today

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Attendance:     17 members

Karen M                              Kathy                   Ryan                     Merri                    Fr Rick          Dennis                         Martha

Tony                    John  C                 Eric                       Tom J                    Sue Z              Rick H                        Karen S


Joe Perino            Russ                      Jim S                                                 

Yours Truly in Rotary,                                                                                                                                                                

  Merri Ciano